Referendum Day Minus 8: Another tantalising wait for what looks set to be a sensational new poll

September 10th, 2014

The Survation boss Tweets about his Daily Record IndyRef findings

This’ll be the first full poll since YouGov had YES in the lead

With the referendum now so close and the days running out the head of Survation, Damian Lyons Lowe, has added to the tension with the above Tweet about his Daily Record survey posted at about 2.30 am.

His firm has carried out more IndyRef polls for more media outlets this year than any other pollsters and his methodology has tended to show YES in quite favourable positions.

His first loyalty here is to the Daily Record which has already said that this will be published at 10.30pm.

What I’ve liked about Survation is the speed that that they get their polls out after the end of fieldwork. They were the first to complete full and publish full surveys out after both of the TV debates.

    What’s significant about this latest survey is that it will be the first full poll after YES was reported to be in the lead in the YouGov poll at the weekend. Has the very fact that YES might do it had an impact on opinion?

This could be either way. It could have spurred on a YES band-wagon effect or else it could have galvanised NO.

Alas we are going to have to wait until this evening.

Full Survation polls since start of August

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