Local By-Election Result: August 28th 2014

August 29th, 2014

North Jesmond on Newcastle upon Tyne (Lib Dem Defence)
Result: Liberal Democrats 711 (53% +16%), Labour 320 (24% -9%), Conservative 117 (9% -9%), United Kingdom Indepdendence Party 112 (8%), Green 94 (7% -5%)
Liberal Democrat HOLD with a majority of 391 (29%) on a swing of 12.5% from Labour to Liberal Democrat

This result will be seized upon by Northern Liberal Democrats as a suggestion that the constant hammering they have been getting in recent years may be coming to an end, a case in point demonstrated very clearly during the local election coverage this year when Emily Mathias at her touchscreen showed that since the general election in 2010 Manchester’s Liberal Democrat grouping has fallen from 33 to 0, in Liverpool it has fallen from 37 to 3 and in Rochdale they have fallen from 26 to 1 so if this trend is now being reversed then could this suggest that the national trend of Labour supporting Liberal Democrats (i.e Labour in 1997, Liberal Democrats between 2001 and 2010) be coming to an end? If so, then Ed Milliband has a lot to start worrying about.