I’m not convinced that the Coulson conviction will have more than a short-term negative impact on Cameron

June 25th, 2014

PMQs, as you’d expect, was dominated by yesterday’s news from the Old Bailey that former Number 10 Communications Director had been convicted in the hacking case.

Ed Miliband worked hard to make capital and at best it was a score draw if not a victory for Dave. The PM, of course, has had several years to think about his PMQ responses should Coulson be convicted.

I don’t think that the affair has that much salience now and the only line that might still resonate in the run-up to GE15 is that Cameron brought a criminal into Number 10 for a key role.

In a way the very fact that Miliband launched an attack made it easier for the PM. His side were always going to get behind their man once he was under fire from the opposition leader.

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Mike Smithson

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