After a year of edging down LAB is starting to move upwards

June 22nd, 2014

Today’s YouGov has CON 32/LAB 38/LD 8/UKIP 14

The chart above is based on the YouGov monthly averages for the past year plus, for June, an average of the past 15 polls.

As I’ve written many times before there are so many YouGov polls (five or six a week) that looking at averages is the best way of observing the trend. Thankfully the firm is making the calculations and is now publishing them. I used to attempt this task myself!

As can be seen the broad trend over the past year has been a decline in Labour’s position from an average 39% a year ago to 36% in May.

June, however, has seen something of a reversal with LAB going up a bit and CON going down.

This is how it looks with the four main parties.

UKIP moving up and the LDs going into a decline over the past quarter.

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