Betting on the May 22nd Euros continues to be miniscule compared with the IndyRef

April 29th, 2014


Maybe SNP supporters are bigger gamblers than UKIP ones?

Above is what is becoming a PB regular – our chart based on Betfair’s amount traded on key political markets data.

There are all the other bookmakers but only the Betfair betting exchange provides the information so that you can get a picture of what is going on. I’ve little doubt that this represents the pattern elsewhere.

Compared with what is happening to the Manchester City price on the Premiership title market this is, of course, small beer and a reminder of how unimportant political betting is to the betting industry.

It is striking how the IndyRef, which takes place on September 18th, had fired the imagination of punters but not the Euros which are barely three weeks away.

This morning I’m off to London for a session with Professors Curtice, Rallings and Thrasher on this year’s local elections. Hopefully we’ll get the first projections of seat losses and gains. The event is organised the Political Studies Association. I’ll be reporting later.

Mike Smithson

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