YouGov finds that a remarkable 45% of the over 60s say they’ll be voting Ukip in the Euros

April 28th, 2014

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Probably the most remarkable feature from the latest YouGov Euros poll is the split amongst the 60+ age group – featured in the chart above. As can be seen some 45% of those who expressed a voting intention said UKIP.

We’ve always known that the purples have a greater appeal as you move up the age scale but this split took me by surprise.

It looks as though there is something special about the Euros. For only 20% of this same subset said they would choose UKIP when asked who they’d been voting for at the general election,

This is one poll and there are the usual caveats about sub-sets – though this segment represented 525 people.

The oldies are, as is well known, much more likely to turn out to vote. In this poll 58% said they were 10/10 certain to vote compared with 46% for the sample as a whole.

Let’s see if other Euro polls show the same trend.

Mike Smithson

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