LAB drops 4 in new YouGov Euros poll putting CON to within 4 percent

March 28th, 2014

CON EP ad on bus

The May 22 Euros are looking like a three horse race

Two worrying polls for LAB overnight. The latest YouGov GE 2015 poll has the gap down to 1% once again with LAB at 36% – it’s lowest for a long time.

Meanwhile, with less than 8 weeks to go until the May Euros, there’s another blow for LAB. The party is down 4% on two weeks ago while UKIP jump 3 to 26%.

    This means that three parties are within four points of each other and any one them could top the poll.

The LDs jump a point and must be hoping that they can remain or improve on that in order to avoid a wipe-out.

I’ve extended my betting position overnight on the Tories to secure most votes although not at the 10/1 I got last June.

My reading is that the blues stand to gain most if there’s is seepage from the purples.

Mike Smithson

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