UPDATED: Both YouGov and Survation report that CON almost closing the gap

March 22nd, 2014

Survation finds CON now 2nd place for Euro Elections

UPDATE: UKIP slip to 3rd place in Survation Euro2014 poll

Not quite cross-over but nearly there

Tonight’s Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday provides a massive boost for the Tories following the budget.

The pollster, which pioneered prompting for Farage’s party, has traditionally had the biggest shares for UKIP. That’s down 3 to 15% while the Tories jump 4. The LDs also see a 3% drop.

My understanding is that a big driver of the Tory advance is that far fewer 2010 CON voters are now saying don’t know. On top of that there are fewer 2010 CON voters switching to the purples.

There might be other polls tonight. Will they be showing the same trend?

Mike Smithson

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