At GE2010 the Tories had a lead amongst teachers. Now the Tories are 41 pc behind

February 4th, 2014

How LAB moved from a 1% deficit to a 41% lead

Given the very public row that’s been going on over Mr Michael Gove I’ve dug out some comparative data on the voting intentions of teachers and the big changes in the way this key segment of the electorate will vote.

In MARCH 2010 YouGov found teachers splitting CON 33: LAB 32: LD 27: UKIP 3. In the latest polling of the same segment published last month it is CON 16: LAB 57: LD 8: UKIP 8 which is quite some movement.

Clearly a large amount of teacher support for both coalition partners has switched to LAB.

It is reckoned that there are between 900-1,000 teachers in each constituency. On top of there are others who are part of what Mr. Gove describes as “The Blob”. In addition there are retirees as well as friends and families of teachers. All this adds up in the marginals to a significant voting group.

The Tories might have to pay an electoral price to pay for Mr. Gove.

Mike Smithson

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