Local By-Election Results : January 30th 2014

January 31st, 2014

Heanor East on Amber Valley (Lab Defence)
Labour 548 votes (59% +6% on 2012)
Conservative 350 votes (37% +12% on 2012)
Liberal Democrat 41 (4% unchanged on 2012)

Labour HOLD with a majority of 198 (22%) on a swing from Lab to Con of 3%

Chadsmead on Lichfield (Con Defence)
Liberal Democrat 206 votes  (36%),
Labour 157 votes (27%)
United Kingdom Independence Party 108 votes (19%)
Conservative 102 votes (18%)
Liberal Democrat GAIN from Conservative with a majority of 49 (9%)

Buckie on Moray (Ind Defence)
Independent (Cowie) 830 votes (45%),
Scottish Nationalists 670 votes (36% -9% on 2012),
Independent (MacRae) 220 votes (12%),
Conservatives 143 votes (8% +1% on 2012)
Independent HOLD with a majority of 160 (9%)

January 2014 Summary
Conservatives lose Haverhill East on St. Edmundsbury to UKIP, lose Borough Green and Long Mill on Tonbridge and Malling to Independent, lose Broadheath on Trafford to Labour, hold West Leigh on Southend, lose Chadsmead on Lichfield to Liberal Democrat (Overall Change: -4)

Labour hold Swinton South on Salford, GAIN Broadheath on Trafford from Conservative, hold Motherwell North on North Lanarkshire, hold Heanor East on Amber Valley (Overall Change: +1)

Liberal Democrats GAIN Chadsmead on Lichfield from Conservative (Overall Change: +1)

United Kingdom Independence Party GAIN Haverhill East on St.Edmundsbury from Conservative (Overall Change: +1)

Independents GAIN Borough Green and Long Mill on Tonbridge and Malling from Conservative, hold Buckie on Moray (Overall Change: +1)

Harry Hayfield