The 2010 Lib Dems who have switched to Labour are more likely to be public sector workers than any other voter group

January 2nd, 2014

On New Year’s eve I posted the first part of my look at 2010 Lib Dem voters who have switched to Labour and reported polling that showed that they were more certain to vote and less likely to change their minds than other groups.

This morning from page 263 of the same detailed Lord Ashcroft polling I’m highlighting the percentage working in the public sector.

As can be seen from the chart there are more LD switchers to LAB amongst this employment group than any other voting segment.

Public sector workers, of course, have borne a lot of the brunt of the coalition’s cutbacks. There are a lot of them and they are important from an electoral standpoint.

One of the challenges of making cutbacks is that those who work in the public sector are voters too. Studies after GE2010 found that the LAB>CON swing was smaller in constituencies with higher than average proportions of public sector workers.

Mike Smithson

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