The economy might be recovering but new poll by Populus finds that only 11pc feel part of it

November 13th, 2013

A feeling of economic well-being is surely central to GE2015

There’s a new survey out from Populus with a sample of 4,071 British adults, in which 44% said that the most important issue in determining their vote at GE2015 will be either the economy or the cost of living.

Of those participating 38% leant towards agreeing that there is a national economic recovery underway, just 11% of the sample agreed they feel part of that recovery. Further, 38% thought there are no signs of an economic recovery and 24% (24%) weren’t sure either way.

This is a tricky one for the coalition. Inevitably as we get closer to the election booth parties will want to highlight what they’ll describe as the success of the policies they introduced. Yet if only a small section of voters feel part then it might just alienate that that don’t.

Too much trumpeting might counter-productive.

Labour has already started to play on this as we’ve seen in recent weeks.

Mike Smithson

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