Warnings by industry on dangers of an EU exit might be having an impact

November 12th, 2013

STAY draws level with LEAVE in new YouGov EU referendum poll

For the first time since January YouGov’s “how would you vote in an EU referendum” polling has not had LEAVE in the lead.

The latest figures, broken down by party supported are in the chart above. These splits are what you’d expect.

Opinion seems to have moved quite sharply since the summer. In May it was LEAVE 47% to STAY 30%.

An element that might be having an impact are the warnings, like this one from Nissan avbout the possible implications of the UK getting out.

As has been remarked on before the experience of referendums in the UK is that the status quo generally wins. This happened with both previous national referenda on the common market and voting reform and is what we’ve seen in the many town and city votes on whether to switch to an elected mayoral system of local government.

Mike Smithson

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