Sadiq Khan, Henry G’s 33-1 tip for next London Mayor, is now top LAB contender in the betting

November 1st, 2013

Back in March Henry G Manson gave what might prove to be one of the best ever political betting tips here when he said get on Sadiq Khan, then at 33/1, for next London Mayor.

At the time other Labour figures were seen as having better chances of being selected as candidate for the next Mayoral election. Henry G, with his great knowledge of how LAB works, thought differently and made a strong case for Khan. This was his key point.

What puts Sadiq Khan in such a great place for this contest is that Ed Miliband also made him Shadow Minister for London two months ago. This remit will enable him to meet, speak, campaign, engage with the whole London electoral college for this selection ahead of elections in 2014 and the general election a year later. The unions played a large role in these selections and would likely to lean more towards Khan more than Lammy.

Now Khan is in to 10/1 and 12/1 in the betting and is the best placed LAB figure.

As the Tweets above suggest Khan is campaigning very hard for the nomination.

I put £100 on at 33/1 when Henry first made his suggestion so I could be in for a big payday in 2016.

Given what’s happened then the current 12/1 seems value.

Of course the selection isn’t everything – he’d have to beat Boris or another Tory but these odds are good.

Mike Smithson