This month’s ComRes phone poll for the Indy has the Tories closing the gap to just 3%

July 30th, 2013

The Tories surge as the UKIP decline continues

The latest ComRes phone poll for the Independent is out and is in line with the trends we’ve been seeing over the past weeks: the Ukip decline and the Tory recovery. The figures and changes on last month are in the chart above.

A 4% increase is outside the margin of error which suggests that real movement had taken place. The poll is not that far off the 36-36 ICM survey a couple of weeks back.

ComRes phone operates in a totally different way than ComRes online and I treat it as a completely separate polling series. It has tended to show the blues in a better position and other firms.

Asked whether Britain is better off with a coalition than it would have been if the Conservatives or Labour had won the last election outright, 29% agreed and 57% disagreed.

73% told the firm that they’d want one party to win an outright majority in 2015 rather than have another coalition, while 19 per cent disagree.

In the event of a hung parliament after the next election, a majority of Lib Dem voters 53% would prefer to see their party go into coalition with Labour rather the Conservatives, while 39% disagree.

The public as a whole appear more opposed to a second Lib-Con coalition than to a Lib-Lab one. Women (45%) are more likely than men (37%) to prefer the Lib Dems to enter a coalition with Labour.

Mike Smithson

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