The Tory Keogh report offensive appears to have had no impact on the “best party on NHS” ratings

July 30th, 2013

One of the big apparent “wins” for the Tories before they broke up for the summer recess was their response on the Keogh report on hospital failings which had happened on Labour’s watch. This it was hoped would help the party eat into the traditional LAB lead that they have on the NHS.

The CON attack was high octane and certainly LAB, with its less than convincing shadow health minister Andy Burnham, were put on the defensive.

The view, certainly from the right wing pundits, was that this was a win and a demonstration of what the Lynton Crosby approach could do.

Today we see the first YouGov best party on the NHS tracker since then and, as can be seen all parties move up 2 so the LAB 12% lead remains.

It doesn’t appear as though the blue message has got through.

As I’ve been arguing the NHS is one of those areas where the Tories are almost bound to come off second best. Far better to stick to areas of strength like the economy and immigration.

Mike Smithson