Final vote tally from last month’s locals shows UKIP in second place in seats contested

June 29th, 2013

Thanks to Andy JS who has done a brilliant job collecting and recording the data from each of the 2,208 seats that were fought on May 2nd.

    In addition to the numbers I’ve included as an option on the chart’s dropdown the shares from the ComRes local elections poll. Compared with the overall vote totals this overstated LAB and UKIP but understated CON and the LDs.

    These figures differ considerably from the notional national vote extrapolations put out by the broadcasters and Professors Rallings and Thrasher on the night and on the following two days. They were serving a different purpose trying to relate the elections to a general election.

    The reason that Labour appears to have done so poorly in these figures is down solely to the nature of the seats contested. These were very much in Tory territory – mostly the shire counties – where you would expect the blues to do well.

    Mike Smithson