The challenge for GE2015 – Appealing to current Ukip supporters and 2010 LDs at the same time

April 29th, 2013

There are two key cohorts of potential swing voters at GE2015 – those who are now saying they will vote UKIP and those who supported the LDs in 2010.

The interactive chart above shows how these two switching groups have very different views on the main issues facing the country.

For the Tories the main challenge is to win back those now saying Ukip while, at the same time, hoping that in the key LAB-CON marginals they will be defending as many yellows as possible stick with their 201o allegiance.

For Labour it is keeping on board those 2010 LD voters who now say they’ll vote for them.

At the moment the line seems to be holding for Labour but not the Tories – though all could change in the next two years.

Mike Smithson

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