With four days to go until LE2013 the Sun turns its fire on Farage and Ukip

April 27th, 2013



Maybe they don’t want the Tories too damaged on Thursday?>bwNry6gIVR8ftCh3yugt8EAEYASAAEgIbjfD_BwE Given the sympathetic coverage that Nigel Farage and the purples have had in the run-up to LE2013 today’s coverage in the Sun about their local candidate selection procedures comes as something of a surprise.

follow site The story is over the backgrounds of some of those chosen by the party to be their candidates on Thursday. The report starts:

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Order Tramadol Online Us “UKIP leader Nigel Farage was last night accused of losing control of his party after it emerged they are fielding a string of controversial candidates in next week’s council elections. The row broke a day after Mr Farage admitted UKIP doesn’t have the “apparatus” to check all those standing….”

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Cheap Tramadol By Cod Clearly it’s been a massive challenge increase the number of candidates by so many but I just wonder whether the Sun is also trying to assist, a little bit, the blues. It is after all a rather sensitive time in the press regulation debate and Ukip doesn’t have any MPs.

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Mike Smithson

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