A majority LAB government no longer the preferred GE2015 outcome

April 25th, 2013

40% of UKIP voters prefer a CON majority

Buying Tramadol Online Safe Today’s YouGov poll sees an MOE change with LAB is increasing its lead over the Tories by 1%.Nothing much there except that once again EdM’s party is in single figures.

follow link Using the interactive chart above you can see how each set of party supporters responded and one that stands out for me is the Ukip split with 40% saying they’d prefer a CON majority.

here That still, however, leaves 60% not saying that.

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Cheap Tramadol Mastercard The LD split is, as you’d expect more in favour of coalition with a deal with LAB preferred over one with CON by 45% to 36%.

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source link The big significance of this finding is that for the first time in a year a LAB majority doesn’t come out on top.

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