Harry Hayfield: 2013 Q1 Local by election results summary

Harry Hayfield: 2013 Q1 Local by election results summary

Labour 24,035 votes (40%) winning 18 seats (+2)

Conservatives 13,277 votes (22%) winning 6 seats (-7)

Liberal Democrats 8,068 votes (13%) winning 8 seats (+4)

Ukip 5,668 votes (9%) winning 2 seats (+2)

Indies 4,030 votes (7%) winning 3 seats (+1)

SNP 1,997 votes (3%) winning 0 seats (-2)

Green 1,781 votes (3%) winning 0 seats (unchanged)

BNP 451 votes (1%) winning 0 seats (unchanged)

Plaid Cymru 54 votes (0%) winning 0 seats (unchanged)

Other Parties 1,299 votes (2%) winning 0 seats (unchanged)




Leashowe and Moreton East on Wirral (from Lab)

Labour GAINS

Wollaston and Stourbridge Town on Dudley (from Con), Rutherglen South on South Lanarkshire (from SNP), Pensby and Thingwall on Wirral (from Con), Junction on Islington (from Lib Dem)


Liberal Democrat GAINS

Broomfield and the Walthams on Chelmsford (from Ind), Cromer Town on North Norfolk (from Con), Aldwick West on Arun (from Con), Adeysfield West on Dacorum (from Lab), Lodbourne on North Dorset (from Con)


Independent GAINS

Perton East on South Staffordshire (from Con), Heldon and Laich on Moray (from SNP)


United Kingdom Independence Party GAINS

Foxhills on Runnymede (from Con), Gooshays on Havering (from Con)LA

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