LAB YouGov leads seems to be settling down at about 9 percent – a notch down on before the Cameron referendum pledge

January 31st, 2013

Day to day movements in the polling are being watched very closely at the moment following the Cameron EU speech eight days ago. The latest, this morning, has CON 33: LAB 42: LD 10: Ukip 7.

This was designed to unify the Tories as well as to create a very sharp divding line between the blues and the other parties.

    Tory strategists were telling me on the day that it might take 10 days or more before we would see its real impact and we are getting near that point.

The problem, of course, is that other events intervene particuarly the GDP figures and the big boundaries vote on Tuesday.

YouGov is, of course, only one pollster and we’ve had just one phone survey since last week.

There was also this regular YouGov question in today’s poll.

Mike Smithson

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