The YouGov LAB lead moves to 9 percent exactly one week after Cameron’s big EU speech

January 30th, 2013

Was that the referendum bounce that was?

At 8am last Wednesday morning we were glued to our TV sets for Camerons’s long promised speech on UK’s relationship with the EU. The promise of an in-out referendum was a big one and something that will could dominate the #GE2015 election campaign.

Initially the polls barely moved but then over the weekend we saw a shift back to the Tories that must have been encouraging. Yesterday’s poll had the Tories continuing to make progress.

The latest survey, just out, has a more familiar look to it. CON 33: LAB 42: LD 11: Ukip 8

The changes, of course, are all within the margin of error, but the move back to “normality”, if that is how we can describe it, will be worrying to the blue team.

The whole point of the referendum promise was to unify the party and deal with an issue that many were arguing was crucial.

We have, of course, seen other events in the past week – notably the GDP figures – and the EU referendum promise seems a long time ago.

Mike Smithson

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