The #GE2010 seats:votes ratio hardly suggests that the electoral system is biased against the Tories

January 29th, 2013

Other parties have much stronger cases

We are here. The day that the Commons decide on the boundaries issue and no doubt there’ll be lots of moans and groans from Team Blue about how the system is biased against them. But is that the case?

Based on how many voters it required to secure a single MP LAB has a smaller number – but as the chart above shows the gap is very narrow indeed. It took 34,940 for each CON MP against 33,370 for each LAB one.

The LDs figure was 119,944 while for the the Greens it was 285,616.

But just look at Ukip which chalked up nearly a million votes and didn’t win a single seat.

Mike Smithson

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