The Ukip rise continues in the first phone poll since Cameron’s speech

January 28th, 2013

ComRes/Indy poll has CON 32/LAB 39/LD 10/Ukip 10

We now only get three telephone polls each month which is a great pity. They cost a lot more to mount than an online survey and I take them more seriously.

Tonight’s ComRes poll for the Independent sees the Tories gaining a bit of ground the changes with LAB down a couple of notches. But it’s the rise in Ukip’s share, when all the online firms had them making progress, which is the big surprise.

The non-voting questions followed the standard ComRes “agree-disagree” format which I don’t like.

The pollster found 30% saying they are now more likely to back CON, while 57% disagree. One in six Labour supporters 16% and almost four in 10 supporters of the Ukip supporters say they are more likely to vote Tory.

    Not all Conservatives are impressed by last week’s announcement: 28% of current CON voters and 35% per cent of #GE2010 supporters say they are not more likely to back the party after the referendum promise.

The public appear to share LAB and LD fears that the decision to delay a referendum until 2017 could harm the economy by creating uncertainty for companies and investors. Some 49% agreed with 32% disagreeing.

Mike Smithson

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