The Cameron EU speech seems to be having the desired effect across the polls: CON gets closer and Ukip down

January 27th, 2013

The big question is whether it will be sustained?

There are four polls in the Sundays, all alas online, and the message from those carried out from Thursday onwards is that the Tories and Liberal Democrats are up and Ukip is down.

The fieldwork for a fourth poll by Opinium for the Observer was mostly done before the speech which seems a bit odd. The world has moved on and you’d have thought that the paper would have anticipated this.

Cameron and his team will be delighted that the blue team is advancing at the expense of the purples – a dynamic wihch should, in the short-term, ease some of the pressure on him.

Labour remain the solid favourites to win an overall majority at #GE2015.

Mike Smithson

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