If other pollsters follow YouGov with their EU referendum polling then it could change the whole nature of the debate

January 20th, 2013

The bookies tighten the odds on a “remain” outcome

Until this morning those pressing for an in/out EU referendum have been buoyed by their almost certain belief, supported by the polling, that the outcome would be a vote to leave

All they had to do was to get agreement on a referendum and all would move their way thereafter.

Today’s YouGov poll, showing a lead for remaining in, could change all that. If other pollsters, come out with similar numbers to YouGov then our whole view could change.

    Those wanting to stay in the EU might be less nervous of a referendum and those wanting out might be less keen.

The bookies, meanwhile, are making a vote to remain an even stronger favourite. Hills now have it at 8/11.

Mike Smithson

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