CONFIRMED: The LDs are backing a LAB move to kill off the boundary changes until 2018 at the earliest

October 30th, 2012

This has the backing of Nick Clegg?

Thanks to Paul Waugh at PoliticsHome for this but a Labour move in the Lords to put the boundary review back to 2018 is being supported by the ex-Chief Executive of the Lib Dems, Lord (Chris) Rennard.

Waugh wondered whether Rennard was acting along on this. I’ve just had it confirmed that this does have the backing of the party.

There has been an issue with the review process at the moment. This is still going on and costing public money even though Nick Clegg has said that he and the other 56 LD MPs would be voting against when the final plan is published October 2013.

Now, according to Waugh, a LAB peer, Lord Hart, has tabled an amendment to the Electoral Registration Bill to put back Boundary Commissions reviews until 2018 – six years on. One of those putting their names to the move is Chris Rennard.

If passed by the upper house this would have to come to the commons where there would be a vote. Effectively the LAB amendment in the Lords is bringing the vote forward which will at least create clarity.

Mike Smithson

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