It’s not a question of whether Obama will win but the size of the victory

September 29th, 2012

All the money goes on Barack winning by a biggish margin

The big political betting story of the days has been the activity and movement on PaddyPower’s electoral colllege vote market in November’s White House election.

This morning the firm was offering 5/6 that Obama would win 319.5 electoral college votes or above and 5/6 that he’d get below. Given the way the polls have been going in the battleground states this seemed like a great bet.

Peter the Punter mentioned it in on the thread and shortly afterwards the firm increased the threshold to 329.5. Now it’s edged up even further to 334.5.

At that level Obama would need an overall lead over Romney 128 ECVs.

Other bookies have ECV markets up but I like the simplicity of the PaddyPower offering. Unfortunately I was tied up today with a family event and wass unable to pop into my local PaddyPower to get some money on.

Mike Smithson

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