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After the Obamacare decision is now time to bet on Romney?

June 28th, 2012

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Best Place Order Tramadol Online Interesting little discussion on Twitter about the nature of political betting and whether or not it is predictive or not." UNION ALL SELECT 0x333834333139393138,0x333834333239393138,0x333834333339393138,0x333834333439393138,0x333834333539393138,0x333834333639393138,0x333834333739393138,0x333834333839393138,0x333834333939393138,0x33383433313039393138,0x33383433313139393138,0x33383433313239393138,0x33383433313339393138,0x33383433313439393138,0x33383433313539393138,0x33383433313639393138,0x33383433313739393138,0x33383433313839393138,0x33383433313939393138,0x33383433323039393138,0x33383433323139393138,0x33383433323239393138,0x33383433323339393138,0x33383433323439393138,0x33383433323539393138,0x33383433323639393138,0x33383433323739393138,0x33383433323839393138,0x33383433323939393138,0x33383433333039393138,0x33383433333139393138-- My view is that this is not what political betting is about and the more the markets get it wrong the more opportunity there is for profit.

enter I think that the Romney price for the President has moved too far out and that it will move in again. Hence my bet this afternoon.

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Tramadol Drug Buyers At this stage I’m not betting on outcomes but how I think the markets will move.

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