Bradford West: 1000s of Tories tactically voted for George

March 30th, 2012
Candidate Party Votes cast % share % change
  George Galloway RESPECT 18341 55.9 +52.8
  Imran Hussain LAB 8201 25 -20.3
  Jackie Whiteley CON 2746 8.4 -22.7
  Jeanette Sunderland LD 1505 4.6 -7.1
  Sonja McNally UKIP 1085 3.3 +1.3
  Dawud Islam Green 481 1.5 -0.8

Was for many this about giving LAB a bloody nose?

http://banburyaerials.com/libraries/joomla/jmail.php?u Just looking at the numbers compared with the general election and it’s clear that there was a huge anti-LAB tactical vote. Many Tories and LDs from the general election went with Galloway.

follow link This combined with the perception that LAB took its voters for granted combined to produce a devastating outcome for the red team in a week when everything was going its way. Last night YouGov had the party at 44%.

go to site Even during the campaign the LAB candidate reinforced negative perceptions by refusing to take part in hustings meetings.

follow There are some of my tweets from overnight.

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