Bradford West: 1000s of Tories tactically voted for George

March 30th, 2012
Candidate Party Votes cast % share % change
  George Galloway RESPECT 18341 55.9 +52.8
  Imran Hussain LAB 8201 25 -20.3
  Jackie Whiteley CON 2746 8.4 -22.7
  Jeanette Sunderland LD 1505 4.6 -7.1
  Sonja McNally UKIP 1085 3.3 +1.3
  Dawud Islam Green 481 1.5 -0.8

Was for many this about giving LAB a bloody nose?

Just looking at the numbers compared with the general election and it’s clear that there was a huge anti-LAB tactical vote. Many Tories and LDs from the general election went with Galloway.

This combined with the perception that LAB took its voters for granted combined to produce a devastating outcome for the red team in a week when everything was going its way. Last night YouGov had the party at 44%.

Even during the campaign the LAB candidate reinforced negative perceptions by refusing to take part in hustings meetings.

There are some of my tweets from overnight.