LAB back in the lead with ICM

LAB back in the lead with ICM

Both coalition partners fall back

There’s bad news for the coalition in the first ICM poll since Wednesday’s budget. A survey for the Sunday Telegraph has shares CON 37%(-2), LAB 38% (+2), LD 13%(-2). The comparion is with the firm’s Guardian poll carried out last weekend.

The latest Yougov daily poll has a LAB lead of 7%.

There’s little doubt that the government has taken a media hammering since Osborne’s speech and it was always going to be hard winning support for tax cuts for the very rich in the current financial climate. Even without the grannytax the government’s communication task was challenging.

On top of that we have record prices for petrol which is never good news for governments of whatever colour.

The only consolation for ministers is that the election is a long way off.

Mike Smithson

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