Who’ll win the referendum question argument?

January 13th, 2012

Will devo max be on the ballot or not?

Week one of the Scottish referendum skirmish has highlighted one big issue where Cameron and Salmond take a different view – should an option for so-called devo max be included on the ballot paper.

London wants it to be a straight YES/NO to independence while the SNP leader would like a third option – so called devo max. Clearly both sides sense that Scotland might not be ready for the full division even by 2014 but Number 10 doesn’t want Salmond to be given anything that he could present as a victory.

There are lots of tricky political and legal hurdles for both sides. The question is who is going to win. What will be on the ballot?

Here’s your chance to make your prediction:-

Will a third choice – so called devo max – be included on the ballot paper at the 2014 Scottish independence referendum?
YES – the devo max option will be on the ballot
NO – the devo max option will NOT be on the ballot
There will be no Scottish independence referendum in 2014

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonOGH