Was this the most venomous PMQs for years?

Was this the most venomous PMQs for years?

And does the speaker make it worse?

It was inevitable, I suppose, given the dreadful economic forecasts yesterday, and the strike today that PMQs would be noisy and angry. Things are getting very polarised.

As to who won it depends on what you consider important? In terms of the media coverage Cameron’s description of his opponent as “Irresponsible, left wing and weak” is going to make the headlines.

This was the PM using bluster to deal with a sustained series of questions from EdM for which he had some trouble answering.

Ed, though, falls down because he doesn’t have a style of addressing the house that is commanding and which communicates. He’s very poor at expressing himself verbally.

All this was over-shadowed by an even more miserable performance than usual by John Bercow who just intervened time any time again sounding even more pompus each time.

For me the big news from PMQs was Cameron’s apparent commitment to cut all the trade union officials in public sector work places who are paid for out of the public purse. It didn’t sound as though this was planned and came out in response to a question.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonPB

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