Just 12pc say they’ll be affected by the strike

Just 12pc say they’ll be affected by the strike

Is that the challenge for the unions

As well as the straight “do you support the strike” questions there’s a fair bit of other data that gives a pointer as to how successful today’s day of action will be.

TNS-BMRB had just 12% saying they will be affected a lot and only 4% of private sector workers claim to know a lot about why the strikes are happening.

So the unions would seem to have a big challenge getting their message across.

Another issue comes from ComRes: 56% agreed that public sector workers “have to take their share of the economic pain which means accepting reductions in their pension provision”.  Just 28% disagree and 16% say they don’t know.

On Ed Miliband’s position YouGov found 23% think saying he he should support the action with 33% saying he should oppose them. Amongst Labour supporters 41% think the strikes should be supported with 14% opposing.

Mike Smithson @MikeSmithsonPB

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