The PB Nighthawks Cafe and news of the Brum gathering

September 15th, 2011

I’ve been quite overwhelmed with the number of responses from PBers, both posters and lurkers, who’ve emailed to say they’s like to join an informal get together in Birmingham on Monday evening.

A lot of them, but by no means all, are attending the Lib Dem conference in the city and I’ve asked PB’s leading Brummie, racing tipster and Christmas cross-word compiler, StJohn, to advise on where to go. I’ll post here when we’ve got something firm.

This all started as Nick Palmer and myself deciding to have a curry together on Monday evening.

Apart from that the PB NightHawks Cafe continues all under the banner of Marf’s spoof of Hooper’s Nighthawks picture. More of Marf’s work can be found at LondonSketchbook.com.

Tomorrow on PB there’s a provocative column from Henry G Manson ahead of the Lib Dem conference.

Have a good night.