Was the LD collapse all predicted in pre-election polls?

March 7th, 2011
How would you feel if the election outcome was a coalition between the Tories and the Lib Dems (YouGov: May 1 2010) All voters % CON voters % LD voters %
I would be delighted 6 6 11
I would be dismayed 51 34 43
I wouldn’t mind 31 52 47 37
Don’t know 13 8 9

Is the amazing thing that the yellows are not doing worse?

Thanks to Peter Kellner for picking up this – a finding from the final YouGov poll for the Sunday Times before the general election last May.

Those sampled were asked about how they would react to a range of possible outcomes. The numbers from the one that actually came about are featured above.

Extraordinarily in view of what happened those LD voters who were “delighted” were out-numbers 4-1 by those who were “dismayed“.

It’s not just the Lib Dem views which are so out of kilter with the coalition that followed but the Tories as well.

Mike Smithson