Is talk of a post election coalition premature?

Is talk of a post election coalition premature?

Could Old & Sad upset the good relations?

After a week in which the coalition has broadly withstood what has probably been its biggest test it’s inevitable that speculation has resumed over the partnership continuing after the next election.

This has been fuelled by comments said to have been made in private by Francis Maude suggesting that the coalition should continue even if the Tories won a majority.

Ex-Tory front bencher and now ConHome writer, Paul Goodman, has made his contribution suggesting that many in his party are warming to such a notion.

Maybe they do but this is a long way from happening even though those LDs who are ministers are enjoying the experience.

The yellows are simply not going to allow their independence to be put in jeopardy even if this could mean fewer LD MPs after the election.

A big test of the relationship could be the Oldham E and Saddleworth by-election if that is what the court orders.

What are the blues going to do? This is a three-way marginal and they are in with a chance – but are they going to ease off to help the yellows?

A hard-fought fight here by the Tories has in my view more potential to split the coalition than even the AV referendum. Yet I cannot see local blue activists taking their foot off the gas.

My guess is that Cameron would quite like to help but this would be too much for his party to swallow.

Mike Smithson

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