How do general election LD voters view things now?

August 29th, 2010

The ICM approval ratings break-down

Coalition – overall? Good job Bad Job Don’t know
All sampled 46 36 18
Current CON voters 83 5 11
Current LAB voters 21 62 16
Current LD voters 59 25 16
May 6 LD voters 48 37 15
David Cameron Good job Bad Job Don’t know
All sampled 57 31 12
Current CON voters 91 5 3
Current LAB voters 33 55 12
Current LD voters 68 26 7
May 6 LD voters 58 34 9
Nick Clegg Good job Bad Job Don’t know
All sampled 50 31 20
Current CON voters 76 12 12
Current LAB voters 28 53 19
Current LD voters 78 14 8
May 6 LD voters 61 28 12

The above tables are from the detailed data in the latest ICM poll and show the three main approval findings breaking down the answers on current voting intention and, for the Lib Dems, an extra row on how those who supported the party at the general election are thinking.

It’s that gap that’s interesting showing quite a different response from current LD supporters and those who voted for the party on May 6th.

So less than half of general election Lib Dem voters now think the coalition is doing a good job – yet 61% give a positive rating Clegg rising to 78% amongst those who are sticking with the party.

The general election LD voters are also quite happy with Cameron – with a 58-38 “good job/bad job” split for the prime minister. With current party supporters that rises to 68-26.

Given they’ve lost a fair bit of support since May it’s not surprising that there’s a marked difference between general election LD voters and current ones – but the gap is not as wide as the current media and political narrative is suggesting.

This is, of course, the data from just one poll with all the usual caveats.

Mike Smithson