Are expectations running a bit too high?

Are expectations running a bit too high?

What happens when the novelty wears off?

The papers this morning remind me of the media honeymoon that Mr. Brown enjoyed when he took over at Number 10 in June 2007.

It was such a novelty not having Blair there any more that the media seemed to abandon its critical faculties.

Well it’s the same this morning. The ending of the Labour and Brown era combined with the real shock of what’s transpired are giving the CON-LIB duo an amazing welcome.

It ain’t going to last of course and expectations are running too high – but the message of optimism that’s coming from the new team seems to be chiming with the public mood.

It’s against this back-drop that the Labour leadership contest will take place and it will be interesting to see how it impacts on the eventual choice. Maybe that’s good for John Cruddas who carefully kept out of the Brown government.

  • Today and until the weekend I’m having a post election break in the Peak District. I have limited internet connectivity and am not monitoring the site.
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