PB/Angus Reid has Labour up to 28 points

PB/Angus Reid has Labour up to 28 points

PB Angus Reid Apr 12 Apr 11
LABOUR 28% 26%
LIB DEMS 22% 22%
LAB to CON swing from 2005 6.5% 7%

And the others total is the smallest yet from the firm

There’s a new poll for Politicalbetting out from Angus Reid that sees Labour move to its highest point from the firm and others drop to their lowest level.

What seems to be happening, and we’ve seen it elsewhere, is the the squeeze is being put on others and Labour are benefiting most.

The fieldwork took place on Sunday and Monday so a significant part would have been carried out while the attention was on Labour with its manifesto launch.

  • Feature on general election betting – BBC news channel from about 9.25This is on the channel’s “Campaign Show” and I’m just heading to London to take part.
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