The approval rating gap gets wider

The approval rating gap gets wider

Is Brown/Cameron/Clegg doing well-badly as PM/CON leader/LD leader ..” Well Badly Net Change
BROWN 33% (33) 61% (61) -28 0
CAMERON 53% (49) 36% (39) +17 +7
CLEGG 54% (47) 23% (27) +31 +11
YouGov Sunday Times: FW Apr 3 (Mar 19)

Nick and Dave advance while Gord stands still

The latest leader approval ratings numbers from YouGov are just out and show that Cameron and Clegg continue to improve while Gordon Brown remains where he was a fortnight ago.

These are many pundits who regard these ratings as a better pointer to voting patterns than the actual VI numbers that we spend so much time looking at.

Mike Smithson

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