The PB 2010 Prediction Competition

The PB 2010 Prediction Competition

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Will you be the Shadsy of 2010?

With the new year just over a week old but with plenty of political activity already, it’s time to sharpen your punditry skills and make your predictions for what will be a big year in UK politics.

For the first time, the prediction competition is being hosted by the new Election Game site. Rather like Formula One but with elections, the Game offers a full championship season, with the first deadlines being next Sunday for the 2010 Leaders and Finance games as well as for Ukraine. The Game now covers 31 countries, plus a further six on the “subs’ bench”.

If you would like to take part in the 2010 season, please drop me a line at electiongame[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk – new players from PB would be very welcome.

Do not enter your predictions on this thread, but click on the link to the Election Game website, where you will be able to enter your predictions into an online form.

PB 2010 Prediction Competition

Please note that we are experiencing issues with the Game’s hosting server in Germany (the same host as PB!) so please be patient if things are slightly slow.

Many thanks & good luck with the competition – entries will close at midnight on Friday and only one entry is permitted per player.

Special thanks to the other member of the Game team, Peter Ould, for all his work on the website and in helping to put together the PB entry form.

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