The blues move to a 13 point lead with ComRes

The blues move to a 13 point lead with ComRes

CON 40%(nc)
LAB 27%(-1)
LD 18%(-1)

And just five more people say they are voting BNP

Possibly the most significant number in tonight’s Comres poll for the Independent is the share for the BNP after the massive focus on the party last week in the run-up to the fieldwork.

All sorts of figures were being bandied about over the possible effect and yet the share only moves up from 1% ten days ago to 2% – and a lot of that is down to rounding. The mid-October poll had 8 respondees saying BNP – tonight’s survey has that at 13.

Apart from that the story remains gloomy for Labour with all the polls in the past week showing downward shifts. It seems they are stuck in the 20s with not much sign at the moment that they are moving out.

Yet Cameron’s party doesn’t seem to be getting the benefit and is still on 40% – which isn’t comfortable enough.

Mike Smithson

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