YouGov EU poll: It’s a three-way tie for second place

May 15th, 2009

Should you take the 6/4 that the LDs will beat Labour?

As I suggested in the previous thread there was some uncertainty about the Sun’s YouGov figures for the EU elections because of different numbers in the article and in the chart.

I’ve now got clarification from the firm’s Peter Kelner who writes: “The Sun graphic shows all naming a party; the text shows “certain to votes”. (Lib dems are also on 19% – so three-way tie for 2nd place!)”.

So taking the "certains" in the poll we have: CON 28%: LAB 19%: LD 19%: UKIP 19%: GRN 6%: BNP 3%


A good bet might be the 6/4 that you can get that the Lib Dems getting more votes than Labour. UPDATE – this is now 5/4.

Mike Smithson

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