Will the 172 “John Lewis” listers pay an electoral price?

Will the 172 “John Lewis” listers pay an electoral price?


    Is this a massive own-goal for those who voted for the status quo?

If I was a PPC facing one of the 172 MPs who voted down the “John Lewis” list this evening I would work through the night tonight on a leaflet to hammer the incumbent so it can be delivered over the weekend.

    The MPs of all parties who opposed the changes were quite simply dumb and for their lack of political prowess and insensitivity alone they deserve to get beaten when the big day comes. How stupid can you be?

For if there’s one thing more than anything else that has undermined the reputation of the house in recent months it was been the continual drip-drip of media allegations about the misuse of the allowances and the lack of proper scrutiny.

For these individuals to support the continuation of aspects of the system, against the recommendation of the committee, is breaktaking.

We have not seen the detailed list of the 172 yet but the Times is reporting that 146 of them were Labour – including 30 ministers. Eh? That’s even more crazy given the fact that in recent weeks it’s been the Tories who have been facing the heat on this.

One thing’s for sure – those who are facing opponents who have any political acumen whatsoever will use this time and time again in the run up to polling day.

UPDATE: A full list of those who voted both for and against the relevant amendment can be found here

Mike Smithson

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