File your entry for the Political Forecaster of 2008

File your entry for the Political Forecaster of 2008


    Who is going to come out top this year?

Politics in the first few days of 2008 has already burst into life with the Iowa caucuses – so what will happen in the rest of the year? Back by popular request, test your forecasting skills once again with the PBC prediction competition.

Due to the likely number of entries, the competition this year will be in spreadsheet format, which will mean that collating and marking can be greatly speeded up (there were over 3000 items to mark in the 2007 competition).

The spreadsheet can be downloaded below – there are 23 questions in 4 sections.

PBC 2008 competition

Do not post your answers in the thread below – please email your completed spreadsheet to

If you don’t have access to Excel, these links may be helpful:



  • Entries will close at 6pm Tuesday
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