YouGov boost for Boris over Ken?

YouGov boost for Boris over Ken?


    The Internet pollster has him 6% ahead amongst Londoners?

Tucked away in the detailed data from YouGov’s July poll for the Daily Telegraph is a question about the mayor of London that I have not seen reported anywhere – how Boris and Ken are doing against each other for the London Mayoralty.

For when asked “If you had a vote and had to choose, who would you prefer to see elected as the next Mayor of London, Boris Johnson or Ken Livingstone?” those surveyed split Boris 36%: Ken 35%: Dont Know 29%.

But this was, of course, a national poll and the vast bulk of those surveyed don’t live in the capitial will have no vote in May next year. Also it was asking a forced question with no option to say Lib Dem or any other party or candidate. But amongst the Londoners in the survey the split was Boris 46% Ken 40%.

To give an idea of the impact of Boris the same Londoners in the survey gave the following shares on the main voting intention question for the next general election CON 35%: LAB 45%: LD 18%. And to YouGov’s “Cameron’s Tory government against a Brown Labour one” forced choice the Londoners split LAB 48%: CON 36%.

So the pulling power (if that is the best term to use in relation to Boris!) of Johnson in London is quite extraordinary and he appears to be doing so much better than his party.

Johnson, of course, still has to fight a campaign to get the Tory nomination. If he does win, as seems highly likely then it might be worth a bet.

UPDATE: The overall number of people polled was 1837 of which 236 were in London, so the numbers are small.

Mike Smithson

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