How will Labour do on Thursday?

April 29th, 2007

    How well can the PBC community predict the elections?
How many Labour members will be elected to the Scottish Parliament? (50 in 2003)
51-129 seats
46-50 seats
41-45 seats
36-40 seats
31-35 seats
0-30 seats
How many Labour members will be elected to the Welsh Assembly? (30 in 2003)
31-60 seats
27-30 seats
24-26 seats
21-23 seats
0-20 seats
What will be the net change in Labour’s total of local council seats as a result of Thursday elections?
One or more net gains
0-150 net losses
151-300 net losses
301-450 net losses
451-600 net losses
601-750 net losses
More than 751 net losses

William Hill has betting markets up on the party seat totals for the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament. Betfair makes the SNP 0.31/1 favourite to pick up most seats in Scotland with Labour on 2.35/1. In Wales Labour are the 1/20 favourite to win most Assembly seats. The Tories are now second favourites on 15/2.

Mike Smithson

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